Warning to you and you nails.

I love pistachio

Cousin of cashews my former love.

Oh how I loved cashews, covered in chocolate laced with powdered sea salt.

But I moved on to Pistacia Vera whose name reminds me of a cold bottle of lemon twisted aloe vera or Bebida de Sabila.

I used to love honey roasted cashews but I do not like honey roasted pistachios.

Did you know a mature major crop takes about 8 to 10 years?

In one season cluster of fruits like-grape bunch are produced on pistachio trees in one season?

So technically the pistachio is a seed but a nut in one.

If the fruit be mature the skin is off white while exposed a light green.

My source of energy and increase HDL cholesterol levels eaten regularly.

But their shells are damaging to your nails.

If like me able to open those bad boys between your dumb and pointing fingers many applause you and I were fools.

Sacrificing our nails to these monsters of nutrients.

Buy whole unshelled, coat intact, heavy in hand feel, and rancid smell says FDA.

Or at least for Pete sake save your fingers! Get a nut cracker.

The wonders I done with a box of roasted wonderful salted pistachio from Sam’s is indeed a marvelous crime.

I digress but do males cringe even slightly at the word nut cracker?

I got a solution it’s new name….is ball basher.

JK haha the Shell Might. Now save your fingers and get your Shell Might today.

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