Just Get with it

This guy says he was thinking of me.

Hum I ponder someone I am thinking of his smell, whom’s presence he may share making him laugh.

I know his email, and his number even though he blocked me and tried to deceive me by saying I dialed the wrong number.

I know when he is going to keep certain post on his Facebook page.

I know when he is about to post.

I know when I missed an update and Facebook havent notified me since 09 but I met him 3years later.

I know some post has a limited time on his page which point he will log back on.

I know him.

I know the cues when he is thinking to say something but refrain.

I know he believes I’m not good enough but my heart wanted to see him.

I know when my actions gone too far.

I know his middle name, his birthday, his ringtone that will never change, his shoe size without looking at the shoes size in the shoe, his style his smell through never the same and the name of his preferred collegne brand, clothing line, and I know which side of the bed he prefer.

I know which of his friend he utterly respects so I don’t ask him to use his cellphone to spy on him or ask him questions to get info out of him.

But the guys that act like they are interested don’t remember my name, or better yet take my name but insist they like or missed me correcting them but I always feel a breeze.

He and I can be in the dessert he would find a way to cheat or lose interest.

We can be on the mountain top and the snow and stony rocks would be my compadre

Ever get that feeling of alone? Like how can you like me, and know absolutely nothing about me? I don’t get it.

I have the same phone number for years, guy said he misses me and yet I have to remind him of my number.

The guy I like, didn’t even give me his number.

Known it like (inhale deeply) air!

Guys don’t persue. Like this chase is like the lionist getting the meat. The males don’t hunt!

Makes me wish males were like sea horses….Here I love you have my baby. He be more careful with whom he screw and say dumb things to then.

You in my heart, dude that is so heartless considering you ate my fries, told your folks about me but I have no name in your phone or head? Like where they do that at? Here in Alabama I don’t know if they do this world wide but definitely here in Alabama.

Jerks! I get more play from ticks and stuff.

I’m not going to mean mug, I’m going to the store Sticks and Stuff load up on pepper spray, mace cause I don’t know the difference and tasers and spy gear. Like taser lip stick so once I taser the fake wanna be player who doesn’t even have the looks of a pretty boy or money of atleast billionaire nerd with those tired lines they be like “oh pandemic madness another fool down. “

I think some guys biggest mistake and which is literally my grave turn off is thinking being friends with my kid would make me happy.

Actually it makes me block your number and pray God keeps you far from me.

I am leading lady in my life. My king is leading man my child is supporting role, I support my kid and if leading man forget how important it is to pamper me over all else he is then absent man.

Applause for absent man he couldn’t leave fast enough. Defeated by assuming that his role is to take care my kid.

That’s child’s play.

Hake did they learn nothing from husband’s who felt out of sorts when their own wives took care the kids over their needs?

That’s my job. Support and protect me damnit.

Maybe men should take notes from Dramas “Things absolutely not to repeat from their position.”

“One guy was like you remember when your kid shot me with the water gun that day?”

“I was like remember when you tried to push me through bars to touch the monkey?”

He was like “nope.”

That’s how I feel about cultivating this relationship any further “nope.”

He was like I kept wondering why we didn’t make it!

πŸ™„πŸŒ guys trust goes both ways I was like you too damn insecure. I told you I wasn’t dating went on a trip and he literally nagged me the entire time.

Upon return we didn’t speak because I pointed it out of his insecurities he came knocking on my door like the police, no call or text. To ask to come over or see if I wanted to go out.

That sounds like Cops turn into America’s most wanted right there.

Trust and believe when I’m proud enough to marry he won’t have room to take care the kids needs. Darling I’m a well of needs ok. I’m clingy. (Pink panther voice.)Selfish even.

Ignore me will cost you, your wallet, and make up sessions I’m so serious. Cleaning the house oh you can do it.

Don’t try it. Any woman agreeing to this don’t try her. I will make you watch me try on fancy clothes at a mall strip please don’t.

Buy huge items and return them, don’t try me. A car. oh take it back. Train tickets I might go, leave you to unclog pipes, crannies, and corner don’t do it.

Make him message my entire body, then pray and go to bed. Don’t try me. Then as soon as hubby snore sex him then go to bed after telling him the lawn needs mowing.

You know?πŸ€” Done this way😊 Marriage sounds like funπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

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