Within intention

I had witness that first impression are not seriously the inquiry one makes for long term or short term relationships.

It is in fact what these individuals do in a setting of uncomfortability.

After 9years of knowing one friend she has shown me a reserved side, a side I was just going through not too long ago.

See you can warn a friend that the abyss is just a step away but the decision to heed ear and action is their own.

Then another friend whom seems content in distant seem only to contact when say seems odd times. All the time you reached out, and called out the schedule conflicted their lives and rattled their mood and desire to hangout is obviously little to none.

So you become ok with the distance and question motives of interest.

Why is it that when you make suggestions it doesn’t fit their schedule but somehow you can make room for them.

Aloud the answer is clear.

Trying to be spirituality rooted but even God trim the bad unbearing fruits.

Is there a point?

Would hanging out truly be in vain?

Maybe some angels go to heaven early because they hang on too deeply to the lost cause.

Jesus died at the age of 31 for everyone and yet there will be some that enter hell.

He had great love my love is a flicker of light, at best.

My patience is worst.

I think sending love from a far is wwaay better.

Do I speak up knowing you would lie to me?

Jesus knew who Judas was.

He said do what you have to quickly!

Is caring for friends who can’t even share their true thoughts a dead horse?

I knew a friend and it grew our bond deeply to fight and disagree.

The appreciation of her feelings and mine was that honesty could leave our lips to our ears and even if we disagreed mad respect for having and thinking but speaking up for your self.

Exploding at a friend is a very impulsive move, but a friend understands within reason of course. Just don’t keep kicking them for understanding because as humans we can’t be there every pain, every joy, every need, every hurdle, every embrace every night, every day, every break up, every make up, every blessing and every dark days.

It’s just odd when Jose calls says hay want to chill after 3months of silence then Helana says next day hay want to shop you like Helena I haven’t heard from you in 5months. 🤔🤔😶What you up too?

No really what’s going on, you not trying to kill me and hide my body in the basement?

This weird triangle like do I hang out? But I got no feelings. And have no clue or desire to find them.

Do I wait for them to return?

Is it I? Am I just wanting to burn a bridge because I see signs that look familiar so ending on a good note is better than a bitter end.

I seen this behavior before with people I liked a lot less.

Being a nagging nancy is hard but being right in this situation makes me prefer nagging nancy knitting a neat head band and 60’s workout socks

I’m preparing to workout and not eat my feelings thank you. Didn’t think I had to rhyme.

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