Not in the mood

Today I will go out.

Today I will go out and have fun.

The bus pass me.

Oh it’s out of service. I wish it took the back road not the main road.

I saw a beautiful funeral.

Each family member oozed with ” I am financially stable.” You have to have a name to get involve with their men.

But a great body doesn’t hurt.

I went to a home Kraft store requesting iron metal fillings for crafts.

After the worker could not assist me, she says ” Oh if you find them be careful metal shavings can hurt your kid.

Why would any parent get a 7 year old metal shavings?

My entire introduction was that it is for magnetic slime.

How would one mix shavings for fillings? Which filling are fine mesh iron. Meaning your eyes are the only irritated organ, or part of the body if come in contact. Not everything. Everything that comes in contact with shavings of metal would be irritated, cut, or worst.

Yes doctor instead of iron fillings for my volcano I just had to use metal shavings and I guess I underestimate the pressure of the explosion.

I mean of course parents probably did buy. But isn’t that too course for slime?

And I’m not one to waste money or try something that new. I’m a creature of habit.

Hake when I drive and my kid is in the car I just constantly looking back.

“You there?…Good.”

Eyes still occasionally looking in rear mirror at child.

I like safe projects.

Secure projects.

The only explosion is the egg in pot of water.

I don’t like glitter.

Messy stuff.

Barbie size head zip lock bag of glitter is about as much as I can handle.

I have marbles I intended to use for decoration.

Haven’t left their package.

Since February.

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