Maybe Americans are spoiled.

Liberty….is it too much.

I see we able to push the envelope to extremes.

Extremes of hate.

Extremes of making policies that work against itself giving opportunity to those who not really fitting who are examples of connection or entitlement.

Extremes to hurt others who just simply passing by.

A domino affect gone wrong.

The ripple affect I yearn is that fear to touch.

That tip toeing around over a simple brush.

That excitement to exchange glance, or a laugh or sigh simultaneously.

Like a nice child like love to meeting something old like it’s new everytime.

It makes an explosive when touched just right, and for all the wonderful moral reasons.

Did I lose you?

Were you thinking…..immoral thoughts?

Calm down.

Innocent foreplay is a lot like that you know.

Don’t be so sensitive.

The one for you is like a best friend, mix with lover mix with hype man.

That friend that strokes your back when you cry..

That hypman that you have a dream they help you to build. No conditions or strings.

That lover that when some idiot jumps at you like they lost their heavenly mind your lover already pops them a new one.

You both can dance together and just be vulnerable.


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