Egg on Your face

Evan a 47 yr old man is rocking in his chair. He picks a mug full of lemon tea and takes a sip “aaaahhhhhh” he says in a low growl a hint of distaste he returns the mug on the coffee table beside him.

Nancy exits the front door and kisses Evan as if her husband was away for war.

She sits on his lap but instantly jumps up.

“The mailman should have came yesterday!”

Evan clears his throat and taps his feet. Nancy looks at him. ” Was the tea too hot?”

Evan growls ” Not as hot as you teasing me just now.”

Nancy smiles and brings her face close to his, ” How about we play after I take off my mask.”

Evan grabs Nancy by the wrist and smoothly cradles her in his arms ” Woman get that egg off your face and cater to me now.” He growls.

Nancy smoothly rise from Evan’s grasp as if an eel of oil in a bear hug.

“Let me check the mailbox first.” Nancy walks away as Evan swings and miss her behind Nancy turns around and nods her head at him then stick her tongue out and runs to the mailbox at the entrance of the gate.

Nancy looks puzzle at 3packages returning to the porch.

Nancy “Babe, there are some weird people in the world. “

Evan nods ” The clog butt, and Stare at me, is for me, My delicious Piece is for you.”

Nancy hands him the two parcels of mail and opens My delicious Piece.

Evan rises to see the expression on Nancy’s face.

Her eyes widen ” ah babe this is beautiful.” She hugs him. It’s a necklace with 2 hearts the pink one had E and the blue one had N untwine a rose going through with thorns outside the hearts.

Evan takes the necklace out of the box and places it on Nancy.

Nancy admire the necklace ” but. Babe what’s up with the weird names?” She chuckles.

Evan kisses Nancy ” Well ever since this pandemic I realize that a lot of our packages come bruised, damaged, stepped on so I decided to return the favor. We have egg on our face whenever we get them and have to sometime send back. But can you imagine the loser that has to deliver packages; packages with sexy back, clog butt and She’s all mine and honestly have to deliver and don’t have a great love like ours?”

Nancy laughs ” Nope but they have some sort of sense of humor to deliver clogged butt, your a pain and can’t touch this to a resident.”

Evan 7ft 2, weights 215 puts Nancy over his shoulder ” Now Mrs. All mine I deserve a thank you.”

Nancy screams “Clogged butt my mask still on!”

Evan slaps her butt and shouts back ” It can wait!

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