Free phone

Haha I know, sounds like freedom from paying ridiculous bills of communication.

I know someone who is fine with paying out of pocket $89+ to receive unlimited text, talk, and data.

Assurance send you a brand new phone, you just have to pay $3 a month…for emergency calls.

😲😜😳 Like a government phone, already watched and filtered through the eyes of big brother wants you to pay to contact law enforcement who are already in their pockets. Like for realπŸ™„ this makes sense why people assume scams of ” Hello this is the fire department wondering if you want to make an donation to..” sorry I can’t afford to listen any further because my minutes are limited and I’m pretty sure I have not spoking to any hot firemen sure no one supposed to ask me for money my chunk change is mine bus fair is that plus tax.

SafeLink is a pain in the ass, no roll over minutes. False advertisment believe me.

Every other month the phone has over 200 minutes the service cuts off. You call in, inform them your minutes and Everytime without fail the other person acts as through ” oh it looks like you have another phone with other guy. No? Oh give me more information. ” 7min later( be glad it’s no charge to call 611…or so they say.) ” Yes I can’t find your account, do you know your account number?” You giving a middle finger out. ” Oh hold on.” 5min later. ” Ah I still don’t see it, looks like you ran out of min.” So now you have to get ganster, total godfather and ham on this person. ” Look I have texted your services with my minuets and I have 247 min, unlimited sms, with 7.58gb you give me my minutes because last month I was supposed to have roll over minutes of 1236.76 minutes and you this month is suppose to be 1000 in addition to my 247 from last night and 236 from last month.”

“Ah I found your account.”

SafeLink is tripping both companies are. No roll over minutes, plenty of hassle, and always lying.

Like why would I lie to gain minutes I know they see, my usage on the cellphone like I know you can be easily deleted from the program of both cell phones if I think of activating 2 cell services in government free cellphone serice. And yet they act upset when caught with their pants down. Seriously I would love to go back to landlines. Oh those were the times. Can’t no body menpulate minutes it’s a landline that doesn’t bake the ears. Or facetype as you speak, unless you honestly too close, I mean nothing’s perfect, but I prefer it.

Talking to my guy playing with the cord, long 20ft extension everywhere. Oh and landline phones then came in so many colors, but now you actually have to buy a cover for government cells and SafeLink only sends you one cellphone, you pay for the rest and they act up every yr or 2 and the case does not come from your local store which defeats the purpose like why, why you tease me with these dumb phones and not sell the case but you sell iphone cases and don’t sell iphones like for real πŸ™„ the chapter of stupid mix with willy Wonka, meets Alice and wonderland and Dr. Seuss like make it make sense. So that’s the hassle of government companies and yes strong out of state accents pick up so it’s not your phone if you don’t understand.

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