Nature’s man made

So I want strong nails, and bones and beautiful heathy hair.

The results were terrible, and I came up with this idea.

2 tablets I planted in a pot of soil it only took a night to smell doodoo.

That’s right 2 tablets made my entire home smell like sewer.

I thought well damn if that makes store brought cheap walmart none smelling soil smell like potty I can imagine why my nails went totally evil witch feet under the house on me. I mean come on. So I urge you to try the tablet soil test for your iron and nail tablets. And if you think I went cheap on my supplements I have you know I purchase these from vitamin shoppe of $43.00 that’s not cheap. Not dollar tree. Pretty sure 3 in 1 supplements not included.

Plus they didn’t do the job before and the hunger to have Hawaii like hair was like zombified,( I was deadly serious and lost my mind to try) ok I’m sure that sounds outlandish to desire that but hay, my dream is my goal and what I am for cannot be dismissed if I don’t try. Nor can it be denied by others shortcomings. I was convince that there is some solution to this without adding doctors and surgical tools.

Anyway lovelies check what you put in your body.

If your body is telling you something is up, then listen and readjust, or don’t. You know you been warn.

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