Who is it?!

So people have been going bonkers to extreme of not pranking with heated poop but casing your place for treasures.n

Yes watching you, seeing if your a quiet little meek mouse or a roaring lion.

Sounds crazy how alert and active you have to be these days

You get ran over you have to give make, model and plate of vehicle, social, age, address, name and insurance of driver.

Well hum guess if you have money, area you in, cops activity, and unfortunately said skin color may play a part of how detail you must be.

I’m talking about your stalking burglars. The ones that came that evening or morning in a suit and tie or shirt and jeans in a car you didn’t even recognize with faces you don’t know, posing as a zero threat.

Honestly you knew they were a threat you saw from afar and knew not to open the door, you mentally register this person and quietly went back to your den.

Don’t do that!

Ask them what they want. And I’m not a dog person to say the least I’m more anti dog than anyone, I don’t hate them they just well dogs. Feed them, bathe them and vets make bank off them I’m not an accountant or CEO, or owner, or what have you.

They weird, you gotta train them, walk them, and you can’t be a screamer, well I tend to scream if I have to repeat myself and some have attitude, smart but prone to aches and pains, or cancer and that cost money. Appetite that breaks your pocket. And they lick and sniff.

I don’t like lick and sniff, but nosy theievs are worst. They can’t read, they go for the weak and have zero respect for just getting a job as oppose to going to a real place of work, they seek women don’t use random males as house guards, old people, single mom and homes that look like kids have nice toys, or windows that are open in the day, pure invitation to them. What to you just some innocent way of peering through your window or getting air in your house.

They hope you leave your alarm inactive when away to go who knows where and for that first attempt at your door and you guess what said nothing, they tested your lock. Yep they got jiggy with you a lock, those monsters!

Those door locks that are voice command, invest. If you can find one, seems like they are in high demand.

Your second floor, they hope you didn’t put alarm on those windows. Be in routine to check them daily.

That noise you heard. Yes my friend get up and check. Because they hope you don’t. They hope you just go back to lala land as they pillage your home and that safe that isn’t bolted down is going out the door.

If your a non dog person squash that better get with the times. Cause these people are crazy I cannot stress to you even to just recently the different age, and color of skin, and attire and cars that stopped in front of my place and parked and passed two signs from my porch that reads do not enter and no trespassing that knocked lowly at my door which has a very beautiful doorbell in place and said nothing because I didn’t know the face. I didn’t know the car. And these cars literally are a thousand times more costly than every single item I own. Nothing close to the price of one tire replacement. At my little shack home. Like I be dishonest to tell you I wasn’t baffled at this blue collar white guy in a 2019 black jeep with deep black tint windows at my door.

Maybe because I’m a black woman with no black friends so you know I have no white friends I’m so introvert you consider me cruel. And this guy, deep ocean blue collar shirt does this soft knock and I’m like,…for real? Even if he was lost there was absolutely nothing I can do for him. There is a white family across the street he would have had a better chance but I knew I didn’t know him, but I felt so uneasy.

Too much American most wanted, mix with a thousand ways to die and oh fear factor. Based on real life people doing incredibly weird, dumb, crazy, extreme things and let’s not forget, Holocaust, slavery, KKK, bombings, shootings, scamming, plotted group killings, mugging, rapes and etc. Then we wonder why the smart people just build bonkers for this very thing and decided to just close off the world, society and oh yes family, because they got the biggest of mouths.

One time my little brother told one of my enemies(a guy I loathed and he knows why) where I was, where I been like dude if they can’t get it from the source please don’t.

These are you nosy neighbors spreading all sorts of news because they are without lives I blog and knit for fun and don’t have time to watch someone else home so me to say no life is serious, ok?

Once a woman literally attempted to put her keys in my door at my place, and honestly since making weed legal, I thought wow, someone is going to go scary movie one night and not make it alive the next day.

You know that scene. The one that gathered on the couch with death and smoking going bllaahh. Bbblllaaahh and like sheep were slaughtered.

In my right mind I could not execute an idea or excuse as to how you in any age before losing your mind you don’t know where you stay. I mean I understand not all states and cities allow random open house hunting but before you signed the lease you should have had a tour of the place before putting money down so I got nothing. Like I seriously cannot come with a valid answer. People make a mistake my ass, you grown enough to have keys, with your name and contract you got no excuse. Either a guardian should be present at all times or illegal to roam once marbles leave motor skills to rainbows and kettles.

I digress be aware of unwanted guest, rooms you have windows but no alarm, you can buy a safeguard for you doors which lean against your doors and press against floor. Check alarms and doorbells.

Surprising fact case you didn’t know, burglars intentionally toss trash into your yard case you do not receive news letters; to study how long you will ignore it, testing to see what day they can spring by so yeah that piece of candy or chip bag or beer bottle you don’t drink or eat isn’t in your yard from rain or wind, some sneaky little devil is trying you. And when it snows be sure to not vacay from putting tracks and make fuss in snow they look forward for you to be away so no tracks to them = no one’s home. Although trash can also be from A holes who have no manners.

It’s up to but if you desire to ignore this warning, cause that just don’t happen to you, there are some with balls to break the window in daylight assuming you not home while pretending to not be home remember that.

Stay vigilant my friends.

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