Wrong temptation

The devil tried Job, and failed.

Unable to get him to blame God, but he did upset God.

Who created the heavens and sea?

Who created the tongue to speak, and man to walk?

Who brought kings high and depths low?

The birds know his name and hills proclaim his glory.

Satan tried but fail, took his health, killed his children, took all his money, destroyed his land, flatten his house, put words in Job’s wife mouth to curse God and had his friends to sit with him 3 days in silence and after which to tell him, “he must be a wicked man; repent, he done wrong, is why you lost everything.”

A man’s heart is low enough for friends without compassion to point fingers.

Oh how he wanted to not live to have died before he was born and lost his children, lost to physically sit and not ache in and out.

Body full of boils and dogs licking the flesh. I can’t imagine!

To have friends as such no need for enemies but he prayed for them.

Jesus died on the cross asking for forgiveness for all was none to be compared to.

It was interesting that Job and Abraham were like Jesus and His sacrifice.

The giver of life so loved the world he didn’t curse and say a mumbling word to the man who demanded to be set free from the cross but another realize who Jesus was rebuked him and requested that Jesus remembered him.

Maybe he thought it too late, wanted a lesser charge for his sins.

Oh how the tempter is losing his touch.

Whom or what are you willing to suffer for?

My suffering cost something.

I will not suffer for nothing.

I will not

Suffer for nothing.

In life there is always suffering, and sacrifices will be made.

As you transition from one thing to the next you realize different season different folks.

There are few who witness glory in each other stage of life and you wonder how everyone else fit in yours.

Some faces you were please to leave more than others.

Some faces burn with grief from departure and as time passes a little less ache.

No cross, no crown.

The ones you pray away somehow come by at a blink of an eye. Like seriously you of all people! The world ain’t that small I know, I have not seen it all.

The one you wish for is hiding in that area.

Temptation shall not swallow me through there be a pit. Drown me, through I am over my head of news. Destroy me through my closest friends leave me. Wound me through I bleed it will fade leaving no trace. Break me when times I feel I can’t get out of bed, or stretch my arms or feel my feet and my throat hurts from tears, or overcome me through I be outnumbered, under weaponed, maybe not even as wise as my opponent.

So I suffer, it won’t cost me my soul, mind, worship, body, praise, or God.

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