Sly comeback

I totally wish I could be that person!

Like some of these wonderful writers here, great with words.

No, it’s quite the sad sight.

I think my folks pacified me to silence too much.

I couldn’t afford to ask even sensible questions I mean true story once I was in the back seat on the highway in the family car and there was a smoke that kept building and I was like these folks don’t see it! I waited til I was spiritually press to say something and my dad pulled over to find the heater lit by kerosene, mind you, was still on. That’s what kids were supposed to be seen and not heard did to children. I must have been 5 at the time. Once I was slapped for telling the truth and I just so maybe twice But not all of them were hindered no you guys are better. Troopers of silver tongued sly remarkable comeback lips.

I am more stunned when someone evil says something I think Who are you to tell me yada yada.” but hearing that aloud doesn’t sound like a comeback it sounds like a woman whose marbles were lost along the way.

I mean wow people are so mean and I got nothing.

My brain farts have brain farts that are wondering somewhere.

Instead of stuttering which is most likely to happen I just walk away like “ok who let the monkey out the cage? Ok not funny put it back ok. “

Back in my hay day a evil spirit would take hold of me and I would toss things like King Kong fighting planes and the blond white woman is my pride. Yelp. She hurts..easily, fragile thing. She kind of still is. Is why I’m blogging, nagging you to read about my day.

I’m like Lord do I ask for mercy upon these or for you to strike them down or for me to forgive them, I don’t know.

Some idiot just leaped in front of me and I was like ok we kind of in the back of the line, intitlement won’t work here but I was a bit intrigued to see if he would be forced to the back or not.

He wasn’t in the front.

Later another guy boasted of his false power to allow me to ride public transportation like he had no reason to justify his rudeness only I believe he just had lack of performance but wanted to prove somewhere he had balls.

Well jingle bells mother lover it won’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

Appearantly he had no swing du wab du wab du wab du wab du wab.

Too many people are frustrated about the wrong thing taking it out on the wrong people so I pray they find the right one that makes them suffer to the point they change their way. To no return.

Unfortunately that may not be likely but they will find nashing of teeth, fire brimstone I may not be great with comebacks but when I get better with prayer they can’t hide anywhere.

In those in hell get no 2nd chance and asking for forgiveness will be far too late.

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