Let me get this straight

Honestly I don’t a get it.

The world can say in order for me to find proper car, house, life services I must have a man a million times and i would rather live alone.

So the car dealer is so sexist that instead of using his superior complex disorder to aid the so called weaker gender he would harm her?

Instead of the plumber who hasn’t seen his waistline since belts were invented seeking the opportunity to get more clients to build a profile he would rather live pathetic existance as a pig that can’t work.

Instead of evauting the home a.c. unit properly you rather have the job but not do the work because the owner is a woman.

Why should a woman have to have a man to fight these nuisance battles for worldly services.

And how do these sexist men get a woman then produce offsprings that eat this junk up?

If these women stop laying up with dumb men the world would be a better place for all.

This is why DIY exist people, if it incline any further all sexist would begin to suck their dumb and twiddle their toes.

The book club is now the front of a major operation.

Nolonger subjects ending with color schemes. It will now be; taking care the kids, cooking meals and roofing.

Whoops now renegotiating the car insurance now that the engine is homemade and environmental friendly.