Mommy’s Tired She carries a smile and behind it all a heavy heart with a troubled mind. The tides are constantly pulling at her but she raises her head and strives again to another day. Tomorrow is now yesterday and my mommy still smiles. She hopes her baby girl is having a good day all the while mommy’s day is…. Mommy is frustrated her day is not going as planned. The day was hard on mommy but she remained smiling and playing with baby girl. Today is a another day baby feeling irritated. Mommy is now supper frustrated. The plans God is not sharing is a headache for mommy. Through mommy tries, mommy prays, mommy gives, mommy know not what to do. I hug mommy because she works so hard she feels abandon when plans fail. I remind her that God loves us and tomorrow is a new day. For greater is he that is in us then he that is of this world.