The inevitable failure

I do not fail from lack of trying.

It is exactly the opposite.

Oh I am giving it my complete and absolute try all and from anyone else’s point of view I can see how you may think I am just lazy and do everything at the last minute.

But there is a conspiracy in all I do. There is.

See I even have forces working within myself to cease me from accomplishing my goals.

I write it down several times over.

I look over my odious handwriting to make sure I can read it later.
And bam my phone is lost, stolen, or ran away in better words of speaking.

My notes are scrambled, disarray, and just plain gone off the face of the planet.

No matter how many times I tidy my neat upside down world I am hit with a roadblock with a damn speedbump a block away from a stop sign behind the bush of a blindsided street light.

You don’t get how I could lose a homework assignment, my paper bill, my cell phone that was in the pocket of jacket with a button lid, my passwords that I just changed and used 3min ago? I don’t get how a brain in this body instructs the left foot in front of the other.

God must be a comedian because my entire existence is a freaking joke. I am the very embodiment of what could go wrong,……would. and through no matter how caution I believe I am. triple checking lock doors, panting my pockets that suddenly grew a vast hole.

You wanna know if technology likes humans hand it to me I only need a second.

You wanna know how truly high tech your devices are and how compatible it is to human usage I am your girl!

You wanna know if the clothes are wear perfect, here I am.

You need to know if sudden mishaps are really covered by whatever is made in earth; trust me, I have you ask “What the hell?” in matter of 2 days.

I ran through 8 computers in one school quarter. I got a Macintosh computer to enlarge its own making codes the size of the screen and it wouldn’t budge till totally unplug. My bosses’s boss own printer called the repair man.

Walking under a ladder only makes my days go smoother. Breaking mirrors please, they don’t waste their time cause it don’t affect me so someone else’s your culprit on that one.

It took me 4 days to pay the light bill and it was not because I did not have the money nor my lack of enthusiasm to pay. I have the same amount of enthusiasm each time I pay any bill so that couldn’t remotely add into the equation. Nor how much I have in the bank no matter longs I can pay the damn bill.

Through the thoughts echo in my head these are as a sign to “not pay “only death would make me ever so stupid to refuse paying a bill.

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